Coca-Cola snaps – like a boss!

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Things may have slowed down around here, but that may be because they have fired up elsewhere! Furthermore, I’m guessing that I’ve chosen to abide by a principle: not to share for share’s sake, but only when I find really really interesting stuff.

And like so – no new article today, but a really clever comeback that makes our inner guetto queen say Ohhhh snap! ‘Iz goin’ down, dawg!

Oooooh, SNAP!

Seen here:

PS.: happy November!


The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Let’s face it – many of us only started talking about viral marketing around the year 2007. It was mainly due to Cadbury’s Gorilla advert, and other videos/images/messages of the such. They were brought to us via “youtube-like” first experiences or, at least, via the emerging social networks that already happened to exist. Does that advert, in particular, ring a bell? It does? Well, than relive it, right here, in case of doubt!


Thing is… viral marketing wasn’t really anywhere near new around the year 2007. That just happened to be the moment when it really started to become something more popular, aka, mainstream. And the time has passed up to a point where, nowadays, viral phenoma just keeps on happening. Moreover, the digital viral marketing concept that we are now just starting to grasp (or so we thought) has, in fact, been subject of debate ever since the early 2000’s.

Yes, early 2000’s. You read it right. And it was under the words of Dr. Ralph F. Wilson. Curious? Check it out, right here.

And how about you? Did you also come across this concept in recent years? Or were you one of the concept’s early adopters? 🙂

How Search Works by Google!

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Times are hard for dreamers, that’s for sure… but also for marketers. One topic that I’ve been diggin’ into and that I already sort of mentioned here was search engine optimization – SEO, for short. It is getting quite compelling to master and that is due to a lot of factors.

One of them, I’m guessing, is the fascinating and emerging world of the Semantic Web, also refered to as the wondrous world of the Web 3.0. It’s out there, evolving, and indexing stuff up’… creating strings here and there so that all the fascinating content that you find out there can be accessed in a “cross-platform-cross-community-sort-of-way”. This completely keeps on changing the way SEO works, and that, right there, happens to also be one of the challenges that dear Google is always on top of. They honestly believe that what they do changes peoples’ lives – and they aren’t exactly wrong, now, are they?

But now, getting to the core of the question – everything starts out with the act of “searching”, and you may ask – how does it all work? Maybe you think that the explanation would only be understandeable to the most tech-savvy engineers out there.

Guess what:

I just found this great Google page that answers that precise question, and I’m no engineer here – still, I got it.

Apart from being informative, it’s also a gorgeous parallax-website experience.

Check it out, right now! You’ll sure be amazed 🙂


Click on the image to be redirected to the page where you can see the full story 🙂



8 Social Media Tools in Beta – Q4 Report by Ian Cleary

The last time I mentioned an article from RazorSocial, I brought to you the 7 Terrific Time Saving Social Media Automation Tools that you have to use! (didn’t see it? there you go). As I mentioned, some of those popular tools are good but can be even better when you subscribe to a paid version. I also mentioned that, nevertheless, even with the free versions you still can get a lot of things done, so it’s always worth a try.

However, today I’m bringing to you another article from one of RazorSocial’s founders, Ian Cleary, about some more tools – but this time, new and emerging ones, that are still in beta! Ian begins by stating:


Each quarter we take a look at new Social Media Tools that look promising that we like to report on.  So here’s the latest 8 social media tools currently in beta that we think are worth tracking.

Note:  When tools are in beta some won’t get the funding and some won’t deliver a super high quality full release but let’s track the following.

Ian Cleary

Take a look at the list, right here. Do you happen to know any other emerging tools? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

How to Use Tumblr for SEO and Social Media Marketing by Takeshi Young

You think about Tumblr and, if you’re like me, you think about the microblogging platform where GIFs live happily ever after and where memes grow and prosper freely. You think about a place where you go to find interesting content and, mostly, to have a good time – but maybe you didn’t think of it as a great platform for SEO and Social Media Marketing. Neither did I.

Today’s featured article gives us that fresh perspective, and it starts by saying:

52278f7e79b782.48418414There are so many social media platforms out there today that online marketers have to be concerned about when promoting content online, that it can be easy to overlook some of the important ones.

Tumblr is one of those social networks which is often overlooked, but which has tremendous potential for SEO and social media marketing. I myself was slow to adopt Tumblr as a social media platform, but once I started using it I became hooked by its power and simplicity. Hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll feel the same.

In this post today I will be covering 1) What Tumblr is and how it works, 2) The benefits of Tumblr compared to other social networks, and 3) Actionable advice on how you can use Tumblr for online marketing, including specific content ideas.

Takeshi Young


This is probably how you looked like when you read the initial facts. Me too, don’t worry.

Read it all away, right here: How to Use Tumblr for SEO and Social Media Marketing

On the other hand, were you aware of the tremendous potential that Tumblr has for SEO, all along? Any personal experiences to share? Share away! Sharing is caring 🙂

PS.: by the way, you can also find make content not war at Tumblr! Take a look.

5 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business By Eric Siu

You have it all figured out. You’re going to be consistent, funny, listen to fans, find relevant content to share because relevant and interesting content is more shareable and that will get people to be talking about you and your brand. You’ve also decided where you are going to be and have a cross-posting scheme all designed to make it work.

Still, social media can always fire back unexpetedly… as it seems, apart from other factors and despite that social media has come to stay, sometimes is just might destroy your business.

And that is what today’s article talks about. Here’s the kick-off:


Social media has arguably become the most powerful media platform. It allows brands and businesses to directly reach their customers anytime and anywhere. It has helped small businesses grow larger faster than before. Social media has also led to the downfall of several businesses that, in one way or another, misused the marketing platform and destroyed their reputation or wasted a ton of money. Maybe you’re spending too much time on platforms that your customers don’t use or not spending enough time analyzing the right kinds of data. Here are five examples of how businesses fail when it comes to using social media.

Eric Siu

Want to know the 5 examples? Read more at: 5 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business 

Did you ever have a bad experience with your organization’s or brand’s social media? Was it because of any of those factors mentioned by Eric? Let me know, down bellow 🙂


hey there, friends & followers,

so yesterday make content not war has celebrated its 1st week anniversary! I am really excited, because all my past blog experiments died after only the 3rd post or so. but not this time 🙂

1-week-old-babyIf this blog was a baby, it would look more or less like this by now. Image credits to

but aside from blowing candles, I’ve also been taking some time to select content for next week’s round, so you didn’t get to see many posts here during the weekend… I’m sorry for that! and I’ve also been preparing a page called about: topics & sources that it might be of interest to you, should you want to know where I usually go find great content to read and share 🙂

as always, it is great to have you here 🙂 many thanks for the likes and follows!