Eating My (Key)Words: Changing The Way We Think About SEO by Jenny Halasz

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Another topic that I am beginning to be very fond of is the ever evolving world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Today I am dedicating this post to an article that was written by Jenny Halasz, and published not too long ago in this other website that I discovered, called Search Engine Land.

For those who happen to work with digital marketing or happen to study all-things-marketing, it’s common sense to know that when on digital you have to use keywords whenever you upload stuff to your brand’s website, blog, social accounts, etc etc. Those keywords must be really well-defined and related to what you want to communicate or what your brand’s all about. Plus, you’ve always also been told that, in order for search engines to find you more easily, you must shove those keywords wherever and whenever you can, relating them to your brand, so that the algorithms start to put you on top of the list regarding a specific subject or area. That, basically, is what SEO’s all about: knowing how to make the internet find you by hosting content the right way, and that keyword trick was only the tip of the iceberg.

However, regarding the featured article in this post, and stating it:


I have glimpsed the future of search, and it is not keyword-driven. While I have long been an advocate of using keywords as an indicator of a searcher’s intent, I am about to eat my words.

The truth is that search is heading in a direction that most of us could not have foreseen… a technically complex and varied amalgamation of platforms, devices, and inputs.

What I mean by this is that as the search engines become more focused on discovering user intent based on various elements that can be measured before a user even types anything — location, search history, mobility, circles, etc. — it becomes less important what that searcher actually typed in to access the SERP.

 Jenny Halasz

Are you excited to the read the full article? I bet you do! So, hop on to the following link to read the whole piece: Eating My (Key)Words: Changing The Way We Think About SEO


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