7 Terrific Time Saving Social Media Automation Tools that you have to use! by RazorSocial


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As Ian Cleary once said to me (Remember Ian? No? Then this time you definitely have to check out his site, RazorSocial.com), it is really great to get a little help from automation tools but that’s it – it will not help you build relationships, because those can’t be automated! (unless, say I, you are a human robot who runs on SEO algorithms and such of the sort, but I find that rather unlikely)

However, nowadays, you have a fair share of tools to help you cope with your online presence. They can help you keep on delivering great content to your followers on a persistent basis and, to name only a few, there’s Buffer, TweetDeck, HootSuite, SeesmicSocialOomph… I could go on like this forever.

Nevertheless, as you might have already guessed or known, many of those apps are only really great in case you happen to subscribe to a paid version. I, myself, have already tried some of them, but we never really got to 2nd base because I wasn’t really interested in paying for a subscription… so I kept on hopping from app to app, tryin’ the free versions as I go and even without going premium there’s a lot of stuff that you can get done with this little fellas.

So, I am now sharing with you an article by Ian Cleary, featured in RazorSocial.com, called: 7 Terrific Time Saving Social Media Automation Tools that you have to use!

Hope you enjoy it 🙂 Do you happen to use any of these tools? What do you thing about them?

Thanks for stopping by!


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