How Search Works by Google!

Hey there!

Times are hard for dreamers, that’s for sure… but also for marketers. One topic that I’ve been diggin’ into and that I already sort of mentioned here was search engine optimization – SEO, for short. It is getting quite compelling to master and that is due to a lot of factors.

One of them, I’m guessing, is the fascinating and emerging world of the Semantic Web, also refered to as the wondrous world of the Web 3.0. It’s out there, evolving, and indexing stuff up’… creating strings here and there so that all the fascinating content that you find out there can be accessed in a “cross-platform-cross-community-sort-of-way”. This completely keeps on changing the way SEO works, and that, right there, happens to also be one of the challenges that dear Google is always on top of. They honestly believe that what they do changes peoples’ lives – and they aren’t exactly wrong, now, are they?

But now, getting to the core of the question – everything starts out with the act of “searching”, and you may ask – how does it all work? Maybe you think that the explanation would only be understandeable to the most tech-savvy engineers out there.

Guess what:

I just found this great Google page that answers that precise question, and I’m no engineer here – still, I got it.

Apart from being informative, it’s also a gorgeous parallax-website experience.

Check it out, right now! You’ll sure be amazed 🙂


Click on the image to be redirected to the page where you can see the full story 🙂




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