The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Let’s face it – many of us only started talking about viral marketing around the year 2007. It was mainly due to Cadbury’s Gorilla advert, and other videos/images/messages of the such. They were brought to us via “youtube-like” first experiences or, at least, via the emerging social networks that already happened to exist. Does that advert, in particular, ring a bell? It does? Well, than relive it, right here, in case of doubt!


Thing is… viral marketing wasn’t really anywhere near new around the year 2007. That just happened to be the moment when it really started to become something more popular, aka, mainstream. And the time has passed up to a point where, nowadays, viral phenoma just keeps on happening. Moreover, the digital viral marketing concept that we are now just starting to grasp (or so we thought) has, in fact, been subject of debate ever since the early 2000’s.

Yes, early 2000’s. You read it right. And it was under the words of Dr. Ralph F. Wilson. Curious? Check it out, right here.

And how about you? Did you also come across this concept in recent years? Or were you one of the concept’s early adopters? 🙂


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