about: topics & sources

hey there, once again!

so I’ve told you who I was and my intentions on creating this blog, but just so we’re on the same page: here you will find a selection of articles that I will be making about various subjects I love, such as marketing, advertising, design and business. all those areas are somehow present in my daily life, being it professionally or academically, and since sharing is caring – here I am, and here are we. as you’ll notice, although I am interested in diverse subjects, I must admit that digital marketing and social media marketing may be some of the most referred subjects for a while… anywho, I’m gonna try to share great content about the other subjects as well!

moving forward, I created this about: topics & sources page to share the main sources of the content I find and plan to share here. many interesting articles come to me via newsletters of sites that I’ve subscribed to, and others appear on my curated Linkedin Influencers’ feed. whenever I share something here, it is my intention to always cite the sources of that particular topic/article I’m sharing but, nevertheless, I find it usefull to list some of the sites and respective newsletters that I am most aware of.

so here it goes:

LinkedIn Today*

The FullContact Weekly Playbook




Ross Simmonds

Socially Stacked

Search Engine Journal

Marie Forleo

99U by Behance

* the more groups you get yourself into, the better the curation of content that LinkedIn does to suit your needs! So start going after your interests and areas of knowledge’ groups right now!

So now you know some of the places I go to find great content on the internet 🙂 I find this sites and newsletters very useful, and I’m guessing that I’ll have to update this page from time to time, as I discover more great places with great content.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments bellow 🙂 If I’m missing out on some great site that covers any of the subjects I mentioned, and specially all things digital marketing and social media marketing, I would love to know!



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