When Procrastination Is A Good Thing – Marie Forleo

Now, here’s something we all have to fight from time to time… it’s quite inevitable to human nature, actually, but it just might have its upsides!

Putting things off. Waiting till the last minute. Telling yourself and everyone around you, “Yeah, yeah, I’m totally gonna do that . . . tomorrow.”

Sound familiar?

Sure does to me. It doesn’t matter how productive or driven you are, if you’re human, there are times you procrastinate.

Which got me thinking.

Is procrastination really as bad as it’s cracked up to be?

 What if we’ve been drinking the personal development Kool-Aid for so long that we’re failing to witness the blessing in a habit we so commonly curse?

– Marie Forleo

As always, the link to the whole story can be found right at the bottom of this post, however, I would really encourage you to see the video. This woman is a true force of nature and you can feel her positive energy, even if you should watch this video with your eyes closed!

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