hey there, friends & followers,

so yesterday make content not war has celebrated its 1st week anniversary! I am really excited, because all my past blog experiments died after only the 3rd post or so. but not this time 🙂

1-week-old-babyIf this blog was a baby, it would look more or less like this by now. Image credits to http://www.kualalumpurpost.net/.

but aside from blowing candles, I’ve also been taking some time to select content for next week’s round, so you didn’t get to see many posts here during the weekend… I’m sorry for that! and I’ve also been preparing a page called about: topics & sources that it might be of interest to you, should you want to know where I usually go find great content to read and share 🙂

as always, it is great to have you here 🙂 many thanks for the likes and follows!


let the content games begin


welcome to make content not war. around here things are still heatin’ up so, for now, sadly you won’t be able to find much content to dive into… however, I assure you that all that is about to change briefly!

want to know what will this be all about? check it out here. want to know who am I all about? there’s also a page for that, right here!

as for now, thanks for stopping by 🙂